Santa's day off Hot Chocolate

It is time to make merry dear friend, and if you, like me, have had a rather gruelling 2021 (the raging pandemic quite aside), may I suggest you join me in a little unscrupulous merry-making of our own and indulge a little?

Imbibe, indulge, like a hedonist head-first! You really must have no moral quibbles with a little excess here and there if you care to make this work. Lent will come around soon enough; we can offset our indulgences then. In the mean time, may I suggest you bring the kids' bedtime early by an hour if you can manage it? It is far too dark anyway, they won't notice (I desperately hope!). 

I'm guessing by now that you've probably had your fill of mulled wine over the years? And while you claim to be ok with eggnog, you secretly only approach it at a relative's house when it is proffered on the big day itself? And British as you may be, one more cup of tea might just send you over the edge? If this is sounding a bit like the embarrassing pages of your personal diary that you'd rather no one ever saw, I'm very happy to enable you and tell you that this is all ok. We are very much ok here. In fact, I have a solution: Santa's day off hot chocolate! I say day off, because you might want to lay off this one if wrapping presents is on the cards for that day. Definitely don't attempt any ladder climbing or chimney related business. Hedonists know better.

This is quite simple old friend: a hot chocolate of your choosing (the richer, the velvetier, the better!); add to that about 60ml of Bailey's. A lashing of cream on top and/or a sprinkling of tiny marshmallows to your heart's content. Feet up! And there you have it - the best cure for winter. You are rather welcome.

With all my tipsy love, Kate

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