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An update on our brand launch

By golly, have things been quiet around here! An unplanned hiatus to be perfectly honest, but only online. In the background, it has felt like nothing really stopped. The relentless onslaught of emails, factory and fabric wholesalers visits, and telephone calls to potential business partners has not slowed down at all. What has felt a little slow perhaps, is finding the right fit for everything. The right manufacturer with an ethical stance towards their treatment of workers, the right fabrics with eco-conscious accreditations and sustainability credits, the right production prices that mean we can actually afford to bring this brand to launch at sensible retail prices to you, our sole reason for doing this in the first place! Part of...

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The true cost of fashion - natural fabrics vs synthetic fabrics

One of the things most lamented when the topic of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment comes up, is the contribution of the fibres used to make our clothes. Both in terms of the harmful chemicals used to make the fabrics, as well as the biodegradability, or lack thereof, of the garments once they reach end of life and potentially end up in landfills.  Natural fibres, like wool and cotton, may often be preferred over synthetic fibres like polyester that do not biodegrade, and could apparently take up to 200 years to break down (still leaving micro particles in the environment). So why then do we use these synthetic fabrics? Well, they may be relatively cheaper to...

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Sustainability in fashion

To kickstart our Sustainability Tuesday series, I thought we’d start off by answering a few questions. There’s no doubt a lot of work remains to be done in numerous spheres of our lives, and not just around our fashion consumption, in order for us to recognise environmental neutrality from the impact that our daily lives have on the planet. However, an old adage goes … Read More Sustainability in fashion

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