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Finally getting ready to launch!

Oh my, how long it has been since we've caught up. Far too long!  Sometimes if feels like the last 2 years have been a repeat of the same steps: search for a suitable manufacturing partner, find a manufacturer, lose said manufacturer, start all over again. You'll remember from our last update that manufacturing woes plagued us, and I'm a little sorry to report that the last few months have been a continuation of  that. But finally, with what feels like a pure stroke of luck, we finally managed to find what is shaping up to be the perfect partner for us! And so with measured excitement, a little trepidation perhaps, and heaps of hope, we are very excited to update...

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Last minute Christmas gifts for toddlers

 Less than 10 days to Christmas; hard to believe. If like me, you've been working flat out and haven't yet got around to putting up the Christmas decorations or buying presents, then I have something in store you may just like. Here's a brief roundup of what I've got up my sleeve - let's hope for a more organised Christmas next year! A play tent A lovely play tent by Jojo Maman Bebe - great to stimulate imagination, and provide opportunity to create many a brilliant memories.   Climbing frame A perfect Montessori toy, a climbing frame is  wonderful for helping toddlers  develop physical and mental capabilities. Wonderful for developing dexterity and building physical strength, frames can also contribute to...

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An update on our brand launch

By golly, have things been quiet around here! An unplanned hiatus to be perfectly honest, but only online. In the background, it has felt like nothing really stopped. The relentless onslaught of emails, factory and fabric wholesalers visits, and telephone calls to potential business partners has not slowed down at all. What has felt a little slow perhaps, is finding the right fit for everything. The right manufacturer with an ethical stance towards their treatment of workers, the right fabrics with eco-conscious accreditations and sustainability credits, the right production prices that mean we can actually afford to bring this brand to launch at sensible retail prices to you, our sole reason for doing this in the first place! Part of...

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Santa's day off Hot Chocolate

It is time to make merry dear friend, and if you, like me, have had a rather gruelling 2021 (the raging pandemic quite aside), may I suggest you join me in a little unscrupulous merry-making of our own and indulge a little? Imbibe, indulge, like a hedonist head-first! You really must have no moral quibbles with a little excess here and there if you care to make this work. Lent will come around soon enough; we can offset our indulgences then. In the mean time, may I suggest you bring the kids' bedtime early by an hour if you can manage it? It is far too dark anyway, they won't notice (I desperately hope!).  I'm guessing by now that you've...

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Finding a nursery for your child - Ep 1

For what feels like the past 12 months, I have been looking for a nursery for my child. With being a working mum, and the return to the office imminent, I thought it best to start looking early. With us still being in a pandemic, of course I was rudely initiated with the fact that there are no nursery spaces on offer, anywhere really!  If like me, you are having to consider your daycare arrangements, and would like to consider putting your child in a nursery, I've compiled below a check-list of things to go through as you consider the various options.  As with most nerve-wrecking decisions that I feel woefully underprepared for, having never done this before, I reached...

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