We are a British women's and childrenswear brand with a focus on elegant, traditional luxurywear peppered with whimsical and enchanting aesthetics.

We hope to celebrate the the magic of childhood through depicting nature's beauty and mystic as witnessed by children, and will do that by bringing to life the fauna and flora of the British landscape. Our clothes are tailored with traditional craftsmanship and rooted in enduring designs that transcend time, while firmly stepping into the current modern world. Ethical and sustainable fashion are to us a non-negotiable, and we believe the only way is to invest responsibly in the communities that we are an intricate part of.

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Our name, explained

Coeur et Maman, Heart and Mother, aims to recognise the unbreakable bond between mother and child. From the moment they are born, our children capture our hearts, and there is very little we would not do for them. They have our hearts and our affections, totally and completely.

It is with this recognition that we have started our brand, to help champion and embolden ethical and sustainable fashion within the childrenswear space as part of being stewards of environmental consciousness on behalf of our children. We aim to embody that ethical and sustainable fashion can be beautiful, enchanting, enduring and capable of traditional sensibilities.

Our vision

Coeur et Maman will be the household name synonymous with luxurious yet accessible childrenswear that inspires and allows families to live the life they aspire to. We will provide moments of enchantment and beauty in the everyday as well as on special occasions. Our offering will combine the comfort of traditional, classic elegance with inspiring, innovative and enchanting elements. We will pay homage to the wonderful world we inhabit, and inspire in our customers a sense of shared responsibility to conscious living.

Our mission

At Coeur et Maman, we know what it is like to have your heart fully wrapped around little fingers, or gripped firmly by dimpled little fists. We have seen how that love spurs you into action, and have witnessed the extent of every parent's courage to do better by our children, for our children. We know first hand that this love emboldens us to install ourselves as stalwart custodians of our planet until our little dumplings are ready to pick up the baton. And so here we are, making it our mission to make your mission that much easier to take up.

By providing you with conscious childrenswear, we aim to make it a lot more convenient for you to continue making those environmentally-friendly and sustainable choices. As we contribute to the effort of building responsible businesses that put the welfare of our planet for the benefit of future generations, we will reignite in you the joy and magic of childhood. Together we will prove that tradition and modernity can co-exist, that the classics belong just as beautifully seated alongside the innovative, that the enchanting and beguiling can be just as dependable and grounding.

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