Hi there! Welcome to Coeur et Maman, and to our first collection. I hope your visit will be the beginning of a wonderful and long friendship for us both, and that our bathtime collection encourages you to stick with us for the long haul.

As a new and first time mother, I found myself somewhat frustrated by bathtime experiences that left me soggy, cold and with an equally cold and irritable child. I just did not know how to get around lifting my son out of the bath tub and wrapping him in the (quite frankly hopeless) towel without dropping him, whilst also keeping myself dry. After far too many of these bath times, I came up with the idea of the Snuggly Bath Robe (TM), a one-of-a-kind, back-to-front bathrobe worn by parents to keep both baby and parent warm and snug during bathtimes.

Please come on in, explore our offering, and see just how our Snuggly Bath Robe (TM) can be the solution to (most) of your bath time problems as well - sorry I can't help with the drenched floor from when they learn to splash the bath water!

x, Kate


Loving our products but just a little perplexed about why we’re always out of stock? Allow me to clarify: We’re currently a small start up, and can only support to manufacture very small quantities at a time to meet actual demand.

Our sustainability model also means that we do not wish to contribute towards textiles ending up in landfills, so we will endeavour to only make what our customers need. This would help us eliminate any excess stock that would otherwise end up in landfills over time.

We will be periodically opening doors for pre-orders throughout the year. This is the opportunity for you to order what you would like, and we would then go ahead and make it for you. Watch out for our announcements for when we go live with pre-orders. You can easily do this by signing up to our newsletter so you’re first to know when this happens, or just pop me an at info@coeuretmaman.com and I will give you a nudge when we are live.

Buying an e-gift card in between our pre-orders is also a brilliant way of allowing someone you’d like to gift our products the ability to buy for themselves when the time comes, if you can’t personally wait for the pre-order windows.

If you have any questions do get in touch via email or our social media accounts, and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to your patronage.

x, Kate

Our promise to you

With elegance and genuine passion at the heart of it all, Coeur et Maman is a luxury traditional, childrens' and womenswear brand dedicated to creating moments of enchantment and beauty in the everyday.

We believe in impeccable quality and traditions, and we hope to bring you offerings that focus on conscious living and sustainability, all while embracing life's little luxuries and moments of magic to create happy childhoods, without compromise.

About Us

Coeur et Maman - Heart and mom. Welcome to our story, which we hope will soon be a shared story in which you recognise yourself and align with.

Forged in the English countryside, Coeur et Maman is the brainchild of a first time mother with an international heritage and outlook. Born from a need to provide simple pleasures that made those early days more magical, Kate, our founder, conjured up the idea of a bath time robe that kept parents dry as can be, and babies snug as ever. From that simple solution Coeur et Maman was born.

A few simple French words, meaning heart and mother, because very often our children are our very hearts, our entire worlds.

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Made to order

As a small start-up brand, Coeur et Maman has to do things a little differently when it comes to how much products we hold at hand at all times. Part of our sustainability journey also means that we currently manufacture in small batches, responding to demand.

If you like one of our products, but it is currently out of stock, please don’t dispair. Simply sign-up to our newsletter to be notified when we open doors for orders, and your desired products should be with you within our pre-sale timeframes for delivery. 

We look forward to your patronage, and thank you for understanding. 

Snuggly Bath Robe (TM) - a revelation!

"The bathtime robe is a revelation. With four small children I've always accepted getting soaked as part and parcel of bathing them, but not any more! It keeps me dry and is instantly warm and cosy for them when I lift them out to put them to bed."

Sarah Elizabeth

A luxurious bath robe

“I received my beautiful parcel on Saturday morning []. I was so thrilled and have never felt a softer bathrobe in my life!! So luxurious and crisp white, it’s just my favourite. I can’t thank you enough.”Leonie


"Previously I've had to change clothes after bath time, especially as M likes to splash most of the bath water out of the bath!

...[] To be honest I forgot I still had it on after bath time, it was so comfortable!”  Hannah

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