At Coeur et Maman, we see ourselves first and foremost as a brand committed to playing our part in safeguarding our world, and the people and communities we come into contact with.

These considerations have been crucial in defining who we partner with, and how we set up our operations. 

Whilst we are confident in the decisions that we have made along the way, we recognise that we are still new to the industry, and have a lot to learn. We would never want to make bold statements that amount to greenwashing. As such we are currently working on securing a sustainability expert to review our entire chain, validate the certifications and declarations made by our partners around these values, and make sure that our promises and attestations to you are 100% above board. 

Please bear with us, and check back soon for more detailed information about how we ensure fair and safe treatment of workers, and safeguard the environment against pollution and unsustainable practices. 

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