A fine romance - the week so far

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and poured my little heart out over here.  We’ve all had a bit of a tumultuous week haven’t we? I thought I’d put together one of these gratitude journals, because sometimes counting the smallest of blessings really is the only way to keep head above water. 


The death of Her Majesty the Queen will have triggered a lot in many of us; I know it did me. I spent most of the last week avoiding the news and social media to limit how much grief I was consuming. I invariably dwelt on my own losses, those I’ve processed, and those I’m not yet strong to even fully acknowledge, even this many years later. Queen Elizabeth is often credited with saying what most of us have largely lived through time and time again “grief is the price we pay for love.” So there is love, there’s always love. For that I am eternally grateful.  I’ll take a moment to dwell on the love. 

Art and culture

Being a mother to a toddler often means there’s little time left to do the things that made me feel quite alive prior to having children. No more nights at the opera. I can’t remember the last time I stepped into a museum to sit in front of my favourite painting, staring into the abyss until I could feel my soul become lighter.

"To see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at."


I’ve decided to find little ways everyday to bring all those things into my current reality. I’m determined to not make excuses. It might be worth it perhaps for me to share this wonderful book “Monet, The Triumph of Impressionism” by Daniel Wildenstein. It has been the perfect way to lust after wonderful paintings whilst also learning a bit more about them. There’s also the Bach Track website, which is a treasure trove of all things arts and culture that one’s heart can take - a wonderful way to consume culture without leaving the comfort of your home. So you see, there’s hope yet. 


A good friend is in town for a little while, and soon, I’ll get to spend endless days with him as he’ll come to stay. To sum up his effect on my life, I should let you know that I refer to him as my “sunshine”, the chief palliator of my existence. No praise gets higher than that.  Soaking up his presence should right a multitude of ills. 

I hope dear friend, that you also find a moment in the madness to see all the things you are grateful for. We all need a little helping hand when the world gets too heavy. 


All my love, Kate 


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