Expectant mum - baby shower gift idea Ep 2

In the first instalment of the baby shower gift ideas, we shared some of our favourite things to do for your expectant friends that may not wish to have presents for their unborn child. This may be just out of personal preferences, or cultural leanings. As the world around us opens up more and we learn to be more diverse and inclusive in our everyday lives, we think it is paramount that we consider how this translates to all aspects of our lives, including seemingly non-consequential things like baby shower gifts.

We have been reflecting as well on how nostalgic parents can be. Those first few months seem to go by so quickly, and while it can feel to new parents like they are forever stuck in a perpetual cycle of feeds and nappy changes, they can also find themselves needing the time to slow down a bit so they can take in that extra snuggle, smell their baby’s hair just a little longer, or kiss those dimpled hands one more time.

One of the easiest ways to hold on to those previous early days, quite apart from taking copious amounts of candid photos of course, is through finding ways to catalogue the memories for posterity. Luckily for us there are a few lovely gift options to help with just that.

We’ve rounded up our favourite options that we think will make excellent baby shower gift ideas - something of a bit of a halfway between gifts for the newborn, and gifts for the expectant mother.

1. A milestone diary, much like this one from Jojo Maman Bébé, is delightful. With helpful prompts and guided sections to help new parents write down specific milestones or little notes for their child to read later, this is a great option to help new parents slow down and actually enjoy their child’s early days.

The Peter Rabbit version offers space for hand and foot prints, and little pockets for saving little treasures from their first year.

For a more free-handed approach, we would go for this one from Papier that you can personalise with the child’s name. There’s a range of designs to choose from, so there’s bound to be something in there for everyone.

2. A little memory case to save little momentos is just too precious to pass up. Like this one from Meminio. That little first outfit, the first pair of shoes, a lock of hair; whatever takes the new parent’s fancy, a memory case is just the thing to facilitate bottling that up for the future.

3. A milestone tape, or measuring tape, is perfect for tracking a baby’s height through the years. As an added bonus, a height check can even become part of birthday traditions that everyone looks forward to, especially the little ones as they grow older and start to be part of the celebrations. We adore this one from Memories of growing up as it makes for easy safekeeping just in case you move house. An easier option for keeping it hanging up is this one from Jojo Maman Bèbè

4. Baby’s hand and footprint jewellery makes for a subtle way for parents to carry momentos of their children without this having to be the traditional picture. This set of cufflinks is rather adorable for a new father.

5. My first Christmas - nothing makes for nostalgia more than the magic of Christmas. And a baby’s first Christmas is definitely one of those things that most parents want to document and make a fuss over. If you’re lucky enough to have an expectant friend with a baby due just before the festive season, you could try for a Christmas outfit , a precious baby’s first Christmas bauble, or even sponsor the baby’s first letter from the North Pole.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together, and that in there you’ll find at least one thing that will do just the trick for your expectant friend.

* All photo credits:Unsplash

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