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One of the things I had hoped to achieve when setting up this blog was to provide a hub - an inspiring space where women could come to spend some time de-stressing, drawing inspiration, seeking practical solutions to real-life challenges, or simply drawing a breath with a cup of tea or a glass of wine at the beginning of or end of day.

Career women, business women, homemaking women, mothers, women without children (by choice or circumstance), single, married. Whatever the incarnation, whatever the setup, my hope is to set up Coeur et Maman as safe haven for us all to exhale and recharge, accepted and cherished just as we are.

To that end, I’d like to introduce the “In conversation with” series, where I will be showcasing the voices of women I have crossed paths with so far in either my professional or personal life. So often, we get bogged down with the idea of what our lives should be, what we should have achieved by some random age, and how we should live. By bringing you the diversity of voices, faces and lives, I hope to inspire you to live your life on your terms. To take courage to be true to your intuition about what it is you truly yearn for, and to be brave enough to seek it.

Perhaps you will see yourself reflected in some of these women, or perhaps you will be offered a different perspective. Either way, allow me to hold the space for the chance encounters. Our first instalment will be premiering this coming Thursday, and I hope you’ll grab that cuppa or glass of wine, tune the world out for a few brief moments, and settle in for a read.

See you Thursday.

* photos sourced from Unsplash

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