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On my bedside table: books I am currently reading Ep1

I’ve been trying to read a bit more recently, partly because I find books a useful resource for helping navigate my way out of oftentimes tricky, unfamiliar territories, and also as part of my career and entrepreneurial aspirations. I started working with an executive coach a few months ago, and the process has also been helpful in getting me to pick up a few more books.  


I thought I’d share some of the books I’m reading, just in case you may find them useful as well. I’m in the early stages of these books, so this is not a book review by any means. Just initial thoughts for now, and why I picked them up.  I may share more of my thoughts on them after I’ve finished reading them. 

This fortnight’s picks are as follows:

Lean in - Sheryl Sandberg
The practicalities of being a working mother with a young child are a lot. This is not groundbreaking attestations on my part, but simply the recognition that where I am in my career, my future aspirations and daily life as a working mother, I am struggling.  I’ve picked up this book in the hopes that it shares some insights I may find useful. Unlike Sandberg, I didn’t grow up with marriage pushed onto me. Quite the opposite. I was pushed to never want marriage, but to instead make a success of myself as a woman in a male-dominated world. Our perspectives differ, but our realities may very well not.  I’m excited about reading this one. 

No bad kids - Janet Lansbury
I have recently had to pull my toddler out of the nursery he was in as it became increasingly apparent that something was not working, and continuing to keep him there was doing more harm to him than good. I don’t profess to be an expert in child-rearing, but I am in expert in knowing my child. I am also very adept at knowing when to seek help when I need it. Lansbury’s book is just that - a fresh voice that offers support to mothers navigating a new style of parenting that doesn’t involve shaming children in order to achieve desired behaviour. This is unchartered territory for me. Being a first time mother, I have no blueprint of how to navigate these tricky toddlers years.

I hope to check in again with you on these books.

I’d love to hear what you are reading as well, or any other podcasts or similar resources that you are finding helpful. Please do share in the comments below, pop me an email or connect with me on the social media platforms. 

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