Quick meal ideas - Jamies’s French toast crumpets

In my experience of living in England, I’ve come to appreciate one thing - the French and British rarely see eye to eye. Their rivalry really is one for the books, and there’s nuggets of history here and there to pique one’s interest and perhaps titillate you into finding out more about the two nations and how they’ve related to each other the centuries. For example, was it Napoleon’s relentless onslaught as he aimed to capture all of Europe that means the Brits are forever inclined to call the Boeuf en Croûte a Beef Wellington? Most likely not, but it does make for riveting tales!

The other experience of living in England is that the food is, well, beige, and disappointingly uninspired. And for once the French can be credited for dragging the English cuisine kicking and screaming into something on par with the rest of the world. The Roux brothers, the bastions of French cuisine this side of the English Channel, take a lot of credit for that to be sure.

Given half the opportunity I’d gladly take a French meal over an English one, and I must wholeheartedly apologise to my adoptive country if that seems unpatriotic. But fear not - English chefs are taking the classic French dishes and giving them an English spin now and again. Case in point - Jamie Oliver’s French toast crumpets! That’s right, it’s a crumpet (how quintessentially English), and it’s French toast!

Quick, effortless and delicious! One egg, one crumpet, salt and pepper, a chilli for the brave, and a parmesan crisp crown as a fitting ode to the Monarch. Served with a quick salsa of your choice, for breakfast, brunch, or, oh heck, dinner as well if we’re being honest. You may want to try this one with haste, it truly is one for the books. Alongside that aforementioned rivalry, that is.

*All photos sourced from Unsplash.

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