Sustainability Tuesdays

Sustainability, ethical, eco-conscious... All buzzwords, or a tangible, actionable environmental promise?

Part of our brand mission is to provide you with conscious childrenswear, hopefully making it a lot more convenient for you to continue making environemntally-friendly and sustainable choices. As we contribute to the effort of building responsible businesses that put the welfare of our planet for the benefit of future generations, we will reignite in you the joy and magic of childhood. Together we will prove that tradition and modernity can co-exist, that the classics belong just as beautifully seated alongside the innovative, that the enchanting and beguiling can be just as dependable and grounding.


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So what does sustainability mean within the world of fashion? This is one of the questions we hope to explore, as well as considerations around the potential impact our collective bargaining power and advocacy can bring, and all the small changes we can all make that invariably have a ripple effect.

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On Tuesdays, I will release a sustainability themed post focusing on what this all means, to help us narrow down and define where we will inch by inch hope to make the most impact, and where we can educate and inspire each other. No one is perfect, no singular effort will be perfect, we will start imperfectly with the hope of improving over time, and trust that there is a safe space for this imperfect action to thrive.

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We look forward to you joining us on Tuesday for this series.

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