Top 5 sustainable and eco-conscious swaps we’re making around the house

We have a no-shoe policy in our house. Socks, slippers and any other shoes dedicated for indoor use are welcome, but not much else. And there’s one big reason for this: we’re always having to ask “what’s in your mouth?!”. With a toddler bent on picking up and eating anything and everything on the floor, and licking every imaginable surface, we’re quite conscious of the harmful substances we may introduce into our home.

This had me thinking of all the other areas of our family life where we have naturally migrated to eco-conscious living, either through our consumption or living habits. I thought I’d share with you some of the small swaps we’ve made to help minimise our footprint without even batting our primly cared for eyelashes. They really are that simple, you’ll hardly notice the effort expanded to make the change.

1. Organic toothpaste with compostable tubes

Boca offers organic toothpaste in compostable tubes that you can also reuse if based in the UK. We’ve just ordered our first day & night toothpaste with the bamboo toothbrush (thought we’d test drive that too while we’re at it), and we can’t wait to use these.

2. Refillable shaving razors

Estrid provide the perfect example of where we can easily swap out single use plastics for something a bit more friendly for the environment. Elevate your grooming routine by coupling their vegan shaving cream with their sturdy steel handle shaver, with the razor blade cartridges available on subscription with your desired frequency.

3. Wild deodorant

Another win for the eco-conscious consumer, Wild offer a sustainable solution to your deodorant needs with plastic-free and compostable refills. Ever into our woody scents, we went for the bergamot fragrance, but with so much to choose from there’s bound to be something in there for everyone.

4. Biodegradable wipes

We started out using these bamboo wipes to dry our hands at the start of the first lockdown in the UK, which got us thinking perhaps we could find a similar, more environmentally-conscious version for our tot. Cue the 100% vegan biodegradable wipes by the lovely guys over at Mum & You.

We’d been using the Water Wipes since the birth of our tot, so we’re keen to see if there’s much difference between the two. While water wipes do not explicitly mention lack of plastics in their formulation, we can’t see anything that suggests that they have plastic in them. So perhaps both could be a winner for parents looking for an eco-conscious switch.

5. Eco-friendly cleaning producrs

One purchase we are however finding a slightly harder time committing to is these Kinfill eco-friendly cleaning products. For no reason other than the extortionate shipping fees that make the overall cost somewhat prohibitive. With a busy toddler about, switching to safer cleaning products is becoming more and more imperative by the day, and we like that Kinfill offers that with the cuteness factor to boot. We will hold our hands up and admit that aesthetics matter to us; pretty things help us romance the ordinary moments that make up our domestic lives. And we’re enamoured with pretty things - that much we’ve made clear on numerous occasions!

We’ve decided instead to give these Tincture products a go, specifically for the bathroom. With as many bedtime bath times as we go through, safety is always a concern. And eco-cleaning products come with some added peace of mind in that regard.

We’ve especially loved how effortless these swaps have been for us. If it’s too laboured or too much of an effort, it just might put us off, which would be a shame.

We hope you’ll find these little suggestions helpful, and we’re sure to keep on growing our list as we discover easier ways to life more consciously and in harmony with our environment.

* Photo sourced: Unsplash

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