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Celebrations and new traditions

With my son's first birthday fast approaching, I have been thinking a lot about how we are going to celebrate the occasion. I've found myself getting excited about the prospect of doing little things to dote on him and generally make a big fuss over him. Every opportunity I get to make a home for my son I'm reminded of how much of a homemaker I really am, and my heart swells with love from the pleasure of it all. What a lovely opportunity to create new traditions as a young family. Growing up in boarding school, I never had much chance to have little traditions around my birthday; but I am intent on making sure that the same is...

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Balancing life as a working mother

Some say it is inevitable, that compromise between your career and children must be made when you become a mother. In some circles it’s widely accepted that your career will suffer a set-up, perhaps temporarily, perhaps longer term. When I was in my twenties, I thought adopting in my 50’s was the best option for me to have a family. I grew up in an unorthodox setting, so the idea of adoption being a part of my life came naturally to me. And I figured if I delayed adopting until my career was established I would be balancing out the tug between creating a family and forging a career. No, I never thought I could have it all, certainly not...

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Baby’s first Christmas

It’s my first year as a mother, and something feels a little different for me this Christmas. I always knew that I wanted to create new traditions that my children will get to grow up with and take with them into adulthood as little comfort blankets. I knew when the time came that I’d be hellbent on creating those memories for them and that I’d pour my very essence into making this time happy and enchanting. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this year, for my son’s first Christmas, I’ve thought less about gifts and more about experiences. He’s too little to really understand it all of course. But that hasn’t stopped him from tugging at the Christmas...

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