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Santa's day off Hot Chocolate

It is time to make merry dear friend, and if you, like me, have had a rather gruelling 2021 (the raging pandemic quite aside), may I suggest you join me in a little unscrupulous merry-making of our own and indulge a little? Imbibe, indulge, like a hedonist head-first! You really must have no moral quibbles with a little excess here and there if you care to make this work. Lent will come around soon enough; we can offset our indulgences then. In the mean time, may I suggest you bring the kids' bedtime early by an hour if you can manage it? It is far too dark anyway, they won't notice (I desperately hope!).  I'm guessing by now that you've...

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Quick meal ideas - Jamies’s French toast crumpets

In my experience of living in England, I’ve come to appreciate one thing - the French and British rarely see eye to eye. Their rivalry really is one for the books, and there’s nuggets of history here and there to pique one’s interest and perhaps titillate you into finding out more about the two nations and how they’ve related to each other the centuries. For example, was it Napoleon’s relentless onslaught as he aimed to capture all of Europe that means the Brits are forever inclined to call the Boeuf en Croûte a Beef Wellington? Most likely not, but it does make for riveting tales! The other experience of living in England is that the food is, well, beige, and...

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Quick meal ideas - baked sea bass with lemongrass and ginger

In today’s episode of quick meal ideas for the busy mum, I bring you a firm favourite of mine: baked sea bass with lemongrass and ginger. Let me assure you, this dish does not disappoint! I first tasted this delight whilst visiting a close friend of mine during one of our gruelling board exam periods; and one day she decided to bring this one out of her recipe catalogue. What a treat it was! The lemongrass keeps this dish so fresh and light, and paired with the subtle taste of sea bass you simply can’t go wrong with this dish. I loved it so much I’ve been known to specifically ask for it by name whenever I get the chance....

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Quick meal ideas for the busy mum

I’m a huge fan of quick, satisfying and healthy meals that leave me incredibly happy to have had them. My joy of food is something I discovered later in life having been a picky eater growing up. So I’m always keen to discover new cuisines and tantalising ingredients that leave me feeling like life is a celebration in it’s entirety. The trouble is, when I became a mother I simply had no time left for much else outside of tending to my son, or so it feels. Peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches rule the day; what a pity. As we go into the new year I’ve thought about the little things that bring me joy, help me feel centred, and...

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